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The company "M-Spedition" since 2009 clients its customers with a full range of services for the transportation of cargoes from all destinations like Europe, America and Asia to the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as the Asian countries by truck, rail and air.

Offices and representative offices of the company are located in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Barcelona, Spain, and Moscow, Russia, occupying an important and well-located position for movement of transit flows of cargo within the Eurasian continent; also Almaty is one of the basic transit route points for cargoes from Asia to the CIS countries and Europe.

The professional employees of our company will help you to select an optimum route of your cargo, provide you with the necessary information depending on the conditions of the relevant transportation and render high quality logistics service.

The company realizes the following kinds of services:
- Air freight services to the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia from countries of Europe, America, Middle East, Asia and Oceania;
- Road transportation of import, export and groupage (consolidated) cargo;
- Railway transportation as well as freight forwarding services in terms of international transit, export/import railway transportation to/from Kazakhstan from/to the countries of Europe, CIS and Central Asia;  
- Multimodal transportation (road + railway, air + road, air + railway);  
- Transportation of out-of-gauge, dangerous and temperature sensitive freight;  
- Delivery of groupage (consolidated) cargo through cargo terminals in the countries of Eastern and Western Europe;  
- Customs clearance of cargoes as well as export-import operations;
- All risk insurance of cargo.
Advantages of the company in the market:
- Long experience of the Company employees in the logistics and insurance spheres;
- Individual approach to each transportation along with an offer of the best route and type of transportation to each customer;
- Low rates for rendered transportation services and cargo insurance;
- Transparency of services provided to the customer;
- Preservation of the customer confidential information.
© "M-Spedition" / Almaty, Kazakhstan / Barcelona, Spain / Moscow, Russia / 2009-2019. All rights reserved.
M-Spedition LLP / Almaty, KZ
phone: +7 777 231 4030
e-mail: info@m-spedition.com
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